Managing The Risks of Living

By Joe Arndt III, CLU, Chartered Financial Consultant


The financial risks of living can be categorized in three simple ways:

  • Will you live too long?
  • Will you not live long enough?
  • Will you live long but in ill health?

None of us know the future, so you must manage the financial risks of living, just as you do with your car, house, etc.  If you live a long life, will you have enough income?  If you die prematurely, will your family have enough money to survive and attain the goals you have envisioned?  If you become ill or disabled, will you have the income for the added expenses and be able replace the income you cannot earn?  Managing these risks is what we help you to achieve at Arndt & Associates, and we can help to prioritize the risks to implement affordable solutions.

Living Too Long

Wealth Accumulation and Income Strategies at retirement are the solutions to the problem of living a very long life. 

Not Living Long Enough

Life Insurance products will provide the funds at the right time in the case of premature death.

Sickness & Injury

Disability income, health and LTC insurance products are used to provide income and pay for expenses just when you need it.

At Arndt & Associates we customize your portfolio of investment and insurance products so that your Risks of Life are minimized.  No one can guarantee that you will live long and prosper, but your chances are greatly enhanced with prior planning and working with an experienced and competent Financial Advisor.